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"Part of the system depends upon satellite communications (SATCOM). It is not very widely realised that STC started work on its own initiative in the satellite communications field as early as 1960, by investing modest amounts ofmoney and effort in that new-born field. By 1967 STC was in a unique position to participate in the definition and specification of NATO requirements. On the satellite front today STC, with its facilities and expertise (the former including two experimental satellite ground terminals - one housed under the "blue bubble') is propably among the few establishments in the world which can cover the whole SATCOM fie1d, from system specification system definition and design specification to detailed operational aspects....


STC, The Hague
This page summarizes our Satellite Experimental Test Facilities.

Set II

Set II is an SHF terminal with a 14.2m Cassegrain antenna located at a bunker in the dunes near STC. It is used for (in-orbit) testing of satellites and for experimental purposes.

Set IV

Set IV is an SHF terminal, with a 4.5m Cassegrain antenna located on the roof of the STC main building. The terminal can also operate at S-band to back up Set VII, used to monitor NATO III/IV telemetry.


Set VII is an S-band Rx-only terminal, with a 4.5m prime-focus parabolic antenna located on the roof ofthe STC main building. It is dedicated to receiving NATO III or NATO IV telemetry and cannot be used for communications experimental purposes. A nice picture of Set IV and Set VII


Set VIII is a UHF terminal with a quad-helical antenna located on the roof of the STC main building. Set VIII can also be used with modem/transceivers that have RF output/input interfaces such as the US/WSC-3.

Set IX

Set IX is an EHF, with a 2.4m Cassegrain antenna, housed in a radome on the STC main building roof.

Set X

satellite ...in support of IOT, Ankara (Tu)

Set X is a transportable SGT (TSGT) that supports, inter alios the Integrated Communications Equipment Prototype and Demonstrator (ICEPAD)


AMF(L) tests at STC

Jan Verburgt

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