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Fortran (Formule Transformation) is een hogere programmertaal in 1957 opgericht om wetenschappers, ingenieurs en wiskundigen te helpen. Over de hele wereld werd, mede door vele univesiteiten, deze website Fortran Start Page heel vaak geraadpleegd. Voor het wereldwijde internet was gebruikte men Simtel († 2013) om via User's Groups te communiceren. Voor Fortran was dat de bekende Fortran User's Group...

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Jan Verburgt  

Keith Bierman's FAQ
Michel Olagnon's Fortran 90 List
Arnaud's technical recipes
Fortran Resources of  Skip Knoble
Jan's Computer Basics

Forums & News-Groups
BCS Fortran Specialist Group
Intel Software Network Blogs
Numerical Recipes Forum
Salford FTN95 and Solar Kingdom


Introduction to F90/F95
Michael Metcalf's Books

F Programming Books
by Michael Metcalf and John K. Reid

More programming books...


General Info
Fortran Index -huge list of Fortran.com
Metcalf's Fortran Info
Alan Miller's Fortran Software
Notes on Fortran programming
Status Fortran 95
Fortran 90 +
Fortran from Wikipedia
Object Oriented F90 Programming
Cambridge Encyclopedia Vol. 26

Fortran 200x
New Features of FTN 2003 by John Reid
Fortran 2003 Features in GNU Fortran
Fortran 2003 Examples

Archives of COMP-FORTRAN-90
BCS Fortran Specialist Group
HUG - The HPF User Group
FortranAUT - Fortran for Chemical Eng's

Tutorials / Documentations
Handleiding van de KUN
Jan's lessons: 9 Languages
Michael Metcalf's Fortran Tutorial
Fortran tutorials
F90/F95 texts by Bo Einarsson
Numerical Recipes in Fortran 90 online
User Notes on Fortran Programming
Online Tutorial for Win by V.Vasilchenko


Basis of Fortran by Dr. R.E. Smith

 What is Fortran ?
"Fortran is the most widely used programming language in the world for numerical applications. It has achieved this position partly by being on the scene earlier than any of the other major languages and partly because it seems gradually to have evolved the features which its users, especially scientists and engineers, found most useful. In order to retain compatibility with old programs, Fortran has advanced mainly by adding new features rather than by removing old ones. The net result is, of course, that some parts of the language are, by present standards, rather archaic: some of these can be avoided easily, others can still be a nuisance."  (Clive Page)
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